Our Team

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Ellen Anderson-Showroom Manager

Ellen is the heart of the company having been the manager since Nob Hill re-opened it’s doors in 1999 under new ownership. Her vast knowledge of product along with her fun infectious personality keeps our clients coming back. Ellen’s motto of “do it right the first time so you do not have to do it again” reassures our clients of her dedication to getting the orders right so there are no issues on the job-site. She enjoys the challenge of large complicated projects as well as a project on a budget. If you have the pleasure of working with Ellen, your project will benefit from her expert design service and years of experience.

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Anne Swanson-Hardware Sales Specialist

Having been in the hardware industry since 2008, Anne Swanson has the insight to bring your project to the next level. With a degree in interior design and previous experience working in the furniture industry, she has a thorough understanding of how to bring a space together. She has a unique eye for design details and knows how to bring forth hidden opportunity in every project. She gives her care and attention to every project as if it were for her own home.

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As a Sales Associate at Nob Hill, Shelly Lindstrom brings years of experience from the design build industry to the hardware selection process. With a bubbly can do attitude, attention to detail and creativity, she will help you bring your vision to life. She is also our resident problem solver. She works hard to solve hardware issues and will find a solution to fix the problem and won’t give up till she does. Shelly is always full of positive vibes and is always a pleasure to work with.

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Chrissy Reinert is Nob Hill’s Office Manager and has been with us since 2014. While Chrissy directly handles Client billing, purchasing and vendor correspondence, she oversees all day to day office functions. She is the backbone of the office and is always readily prepared to assist with any issue or inquiry one may have. Chrissy thoroughly enjoys working closely with Clients and always has a sunny disposition.

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Conscientious is one of the words I would use to describe Kim. She is an excellent addition in our Accounts Payable Department. She is very organized as she has to wear many different hats, one being a friendly face to assist with our sales associates. She has a very optimistic look on everything, which makes her a great member of the Nob Hill Family.

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New to the Nob Hill Team, Stacy Heyer is the friendly voice who greets our callers, and the smiling face to greet you as you enter our show room. She ensures that our orders are correctly placed, and that all hardware items are accounted for at pick-up. She brings a contagious enthusiasm and eager interest to learn more in the hardware design industry .

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Chris is no stranger to the construction and design industry, Chris’ background in architecture, affinity for organization and extreme attention to detail allow him to thrive in this position. Clients may not always get to meet the man behind the scene but be assured your order accuracy and satisfaction are his number one priority.

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Michael Karch is the owner of Nob Hill Decorative Hardware and Floyd Total Security. Michael began his career to Floyd Lock and Safe Company as a locksmith back in the 1960’s. Floyd sold and installed deadbolt locks and all types of commercial hardware, safes and vaults.

Nob Hill was a natural addition to complement the already existing Floyd locksmithing business. Starting at the Galleria, Nob Hill became known as the premier decorative hardware showroom in Minnesota. Floyd locksmith’s already were experts at installing hardware. Adding decorative hardware seemed to be a natural progression for the talents of the lock staff.

Michael grew up in South Minneapolis, and attended St. Cloud State and the University of Minnesota. After military service, Michael graduated from Concordia with a degree in business communications and organization. He continued at Floyd starting the security alarm division and continued at Floyd purchasing Nob Hill in 1999. Michael lives in Minnetrista with his wife Beverly and Labradoodle Max.


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Hello, my name is Oliver and I like to be called Ollie. My mom’s name is Ellen and I love to go where ever my mom goes. In 2015 I started following my Mom to work. Now I am an official “showroom dog”. I have many responsibilities. I hear a bell every time someone comes in the front door and I know it is time to run up and greet our guests. Sometimes these guests even know where the treat drawer is up front and I will get a treat! Even if I don’t, I love meeting all of the people and getting belly rubs.

For some reason, I can’t follow orders to not bark at the delivery trucks. I don’t know why everyone yells at me about that. I think everyone should know when UPS is bringing a delivery. Afterall, this could be your order that is here and it’s important to check it out!

By 2pm, I am tired. Luckily, Mom has a nice bed for me in her office. I try to get a good long nap in and it will have to be a pretty special circumstance from me to come out to greet someone. So, if you want to see me in the afternoon, just have Chrissy put out a page and I will come running!

I hope to see you soon!